March 31, 2015



Developing a solid foundation of core values and ethics for our college and professional athletes.

safefield1Project Safefield will develop athletes and athletic department personnel to set the standard for addressing domestic violence and sexual assault on campuses and within our communities. By implementing a multiphase program incorporating teammates, coaches, staff, family, friends and community resources, Project Safefield will direct positive change to eliminate a culture of violence while maintaining the purity of competition on the field. Through coaching and mentoring, partnerships between athletic programs and community resources, and embracing a zero-tolerance policy, the team will establish procedures that help the players and the program instill a culture of victory without perpetrating violence.

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Project Safefield Curriculum


* DEMONSTRATE how domestic violence impacts the
lives of everyone on a team, at a school, and in a
* EDUCATE participants on breaking the cycle of violence
* DELINEATE between competition and acts of violence


* CONNECT players and staff with support systems
* IDENTIFY at risk athletes and program staff members in
need of additional services
* IMPLEMENT effective long-term solutions


* CONDUCT advanced background investigations
* ASSIST team personnel in developing additional
programs tailored to higher risk athletes
* DEVELOP athletes, coaches and staff as leaders in the
prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Safefield provides domestic violence & sexual assault education on college campuses, starting with athletes!