Run Against Sexual Assault


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5/23, Saturday.  North Bank Park in Columbus, OH


4/19, Sunday.  Trail Walk in Orange, CA

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About the Run

A Virtual Run allows you to complete your miles where and how you want!  Run on a treadmill, go out to a trail, or walk the sidewalks with a friend!  We just want to encourage people to get out and move for a cause!  No need to provide us with proof that you’ve completed your distance, we trust you and will use the honor system.

 Organize a friend or workplace group and run together against Sexual Assault.

You can finish your distance any time you want within 30 days of registration end date. (Due end of May)  Complete your miles all in one day, or split up the distance over a period of time! Whatever YOU are comfortable with!

Can’t join the run but still want to help this fight?

Runs & Registration

This run is a 5k, 10k, or Half marathon.  Choose whichever distance you’d like to do, or do all if you’re up to the challenge!

Standard Registration ($20) will register you to the run, entitle you to a medal upon completion, and list your result (you can opt out).

[Please be sure to have an individual email address for each runner.  Each runner will be identified by their individual email address.]

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Get a pic badge for your profile picture & show your support!
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Challenges & Prize!

Challenge I. Take a selfie during the run and tweet using #RunAgainstDV.  Be sure to include category you’re entering for!

Categories: Funniest, Most Red, Funniest Hair, Speedy, Best View (background), more to come! (We’ll take suggestions!)

Challenge II. Make the biggest running team!  Get a team of runners and submit your photo via Twitter using #RunAgainstDV

Each challenge winner will receive a set of Buttons with messages supporting victims of Domestic Violence.


RunAgainstDV-SAAM-MedalRules & Medal

Participants of the Run Against Sexual Assault will have until end of May to complete and report their time.  You’ll receive an email toward the end of the running period on how you can report your completion of the run and your time.  Once you submit your time, results will be posted and we’ll send you your medal.  This medal is sure to look amazing in your collection and you can feel great knowing that this beautiful medal represents your support for a great cause! You’ll get your medal within few weeks of the event end date.

So Sign Up Now to Run, Walk, or Crawl in the Run Against Sexual Assault!

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Apps for Tracking & Safety

#RunAgainstDV recommends two apps for safety & tracking during virtual #RunAgainstDV.

RunSafe is an app designed to address the personal safety needs of runners. With RunSafe, you have your fitness tracking and safety needs addressed in one app that you can use easily on your phone. It is available for both iPhone and Android.RunSafe will offer FREE premium feature to all #RunAgainstDV runners!  Click here to sign up!
vGyTLKDk.png smallCharity Footprints
Wether you are preparing for an upcoming race or leisurely walking in a park, Charity Footprints let’s you donate your workout miles to any cause close to your heart. Learn more on how you can leave your footprints here: ‘How it works’

Download the app here

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Clear Charity is 501(c)3 Non-profit Organization.  All proceeds from this event will go to supporting our programs to help victims of domestic violence.  All funds received through this program or any other donation will also be used according to our guideline & promise.
Visit us at

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