Become a Local Team Leader and Host a Run/Walk!

RunningBib-saamIn order to make #RunAgainstDV successful, we need Local Team Leaders to host a run or walk!

If you’re already considering or committed to doing the run, this is just a small extra step.  All you need to do is pick a time and location where you’ll be doing your run and share.  You can create Facebook event open to public or just share through us.

 Team Leaders will get special gifts from us as Thank you.  (Actual gift will be announced soon)

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Here’s step by step on what’s involved. (will only take 30 min to get started!)
1. Let me know you’re interested using form below.
3. Set time & location and post via facebook event or evite or whatever you use.  And please set it so it’s available to public.
4. Invite us to event or share it with us so that we can list it on our page as well.
5. Invite people to join you & Do the run, or walk with your group.
6. Contact us few days before the run if you’d like to get pins and bibs for the day of the run!  (Please allow 5 days for shipping)
Remember, 100% of all proceed from the run goes to preventing Sexual Assault & helping victims of Domestic Violence!
Questions?  Lave a comment below.
Local Team Leader Interest Form

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