March 31, 2015

Clear Charity

Clear Charity is a community based charity organization joining the fight against Domestic Violence. We also aim to raise awareness of many mismanaged charities who take your donations as personal profit. Clear Charity provides Backup Safety Net program to provide temporary shelter for victims of domestic violence who could not get into shelter. Our goal is to make sure anyone brave enough to break silence will not be turned away.


Clear Charity | Project: Domestic Violence | Real Stories by Real Survivors


Clear Charity & Domestic Violence

We provide much needed programs to local shelters to help Victims of Domestic Violence. Our programs help in the areas where current funding & restrictions of state funded program cannot reach. We are committed to making a difference and that’s exactly what we intend to do.

While we are a brand new organization, we are rapidly expanding and coming up with new programs to help those in need. And best part, we promise your supporter’s donations will be used to help those in need.